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Request a quick and easy loan valuation with the help of the online valuation service. Send us a photo of the valuables and the product’s details by e-mail to get a loan estimate.

Phases of an online valuation:

  • Send a photo of your valuable item.
    You can take a photo with your phone, for example, and send the photo to us. Provide more information about your valuables with the photo.
  • Our experienced expert will valuate the current value of your item.
    The valuation will be carried out by professionals in the field.
  • You will receive a loan offer.
    Once an expert has determined the valuables value, a loan offer will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Choose a pawn shop and bring your valuables in to pawn.
    If you are interested in the loan offer, you can select the pawn shop that suits you the best and bring your valuables in to pawn. Once you have accepted the loan offer, you will receive your loan quickly.